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The delicacy, daring and the romanticism of the Company’s identity, "A Bela Noiva", was founded in 1982 by Irene Oliveira and her husband Manuel Oliveira, who since then has annually presented their collections of wedding dresses. Self-taught, created a brand exclusively dedicated to the production of wedding dresses, which recognizes an expression of elegance and sophistication.

A passion for wedding dresses is already a family tradition. The actual designer of the Company, Clarisse Oliveira, is the daughter of the founder, she breathed since her childhood the atmosphere of the bridal world, having studied Fashion Design and Pattern Making in the Parisian fashion school "ESMOD International" with a specialization in Haute-Couture, has also interned for some important names in the fashion world in Paris and Lisbon.

"A Bela Noiva" at the present provides some of the most prestigious specialty stores, with an increasing expansion in Europe (Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland and Italy). Presenting itself as a leader for excellence in the production of wedding dresses in Portugal. The Company represents currently three brands: A BELA NOIVA, STRAPERLA SPOSE and finally the latest ABILUX. The first line holds the main company's name, A Bela Noiva, which reinterprets an image that combines trends, innovation and quality; the second one, named Straperla Spose, emerges from a glamorous style, where is visible the exclusive creative originality of the company; Finally the latest and recent brand of the company, ABILUX, was created and designed for a "low budget" market which does not prescinds from quality maintaining a great quality/price ratio.

The creation and production is entirely Portuguese, with about 30 employees in a collaboration of a great and dynamic commitment, each dress is produced thanks to the quality of tailoring and professionalism that this group presents and develops. A process that requires the preservation and quality which are the characteristics of haute couture, "A Bela Noiva", propose highly modern and “fresh” collections inspired by the most current concepts of national and international tendencies, which tries to satisfy more and better the objectives of a market ever evolving. Wedding dresses are custom-made with fine detail and handmade finishing’s in a way that few specialized are able to accomplish. To be able to continue satisfying and to evolve in all the needs and demands of our customers the company has modernized facilities, larger and more functional.

A passion that connects the most beautiful expressions of marital tradition with the spirit of modern times. The company stands up for a devotion and commitment, that is, an awareness of anxiety and pursuit of perfection that each bride searches for; everything is possible, with an absolute dedication and professionalism to create the perfect wedding dress that matches the dream and imagination of every bride.

Adress: Rua Principal nº37
Casal de Baixo
2435-521 Rio de Couros
Phone: (+351) 249 559 412
Fax: (+351) 249 559 174
Email: geral@abelanoiva.com
Localization: Latitude 39º 43’ 31,98’’N
Longitude 8º 29’ 10,83’’W